John Brennan in ‘Panic Mode’ Over What President Trump May Reveal (VIDEO)

Amid calls by Republicans for President Trump to declassify documents related to the Obama administration’s probe of debunked Trump-Russia collusion, former Obama CIA Director John Brennan once again is calling for invoking the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office.

Brennan, who has accused Trump of “treason,” discussed in an interview with Monday with CNN’s Chris Cuomo the president’s decision to fire Defense Secretary Mark Esper.

“It’s clear that Mark Esper was removed as secretary of defense because he rebuffed Donald Trump’s efforts to politicize the U.S. military,” Brennan said. “And I think it’s quite apparent from reporting that Mark Esper has stood up to Donald Trump repeatedly. Who knows what else he has refused to do?”

He said Trump could do “a lot of damage” before leaving office, and he might carry out “vendettas.”

Brennan repeatedly expressed concern about what “information” Trump could release, urging officials to take immediate action.

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