Web Searches for Ammo ‘Reloading’ Surge Amid Election Chaos

By WND. While Barack Obama was president, gun sales across the nation surged, largely because of citizen concerns over gun-control measures.

But sales back then were nothing compared to the more than 17 million weapons purchased already this year. The demand has emptied the shelves of some gun stores and ammunition is scarce.

Florida State University sociologist Benjamin Dowd-Arrow said in a Los Angeles Times report it was because of several factors in addition to worries about gun control.

He cited the COVID-19 pandemic, the riots in response to the death of George Floyd and the presidential election season.

Joe Biden, the Democrats’ pick for president, has proposed collecting billions of dollars from gun owners in taxes on the weapons they already own. And some of his advisers have threatened what amounts to gun confiscation, calling it “mandatory buy-backs.” (Read more from “Web Searches for Ammo ‘Reloading’ Surge Amid Election Chaos” HERE)


Google Searches for ‘Reloading Ammo’ Explode Amid Nationwide Shortage

By Zero Hedge. Americans are panic searching again. This time it’s not where to buy toilet paper online, but instead learning more about reloading ammunition as the virus pandemic and social unrest has sparked shortages of ammo and guns.

Ever since the first round of virus lockdowns that began in March, ammunition prices have surged because of unprecedented demand. Some of the hardest bullets to find this past summer, that is, if one wanted to purchase bulk, as we noted in April and August (see: here & here), was 9mm.

And, of course, a shortage and skyrocketing costs for factory-loaded ammunition forced many Americans to investigate alternative options in panic hoarding bullets. (Read more from “Google Searches for ‘Reloading Ammo’ Explode Amid Nationwide Shortage ” HERE)

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