Brazilian President Fears a Horrible Side Effect From COVID Vaccine… It’s Not What You Think

. . .In the film, “I Am Legend,” scientists re-engineered the measles vaccine to cure cancer. It instead wipes out most of humanity. Most of those who didn’t die in the aftermath mutated into vampire-like albino creatures. The rest, a small sliver, to say the least, were immune but consumed by the vampires. Will Smith, who plays Dr. Robert Neville, explains it better in the movie. That’s what Brazil’s president thinks will happen with the COVID vaccine…sort of.

President Jair Bolsonaro thinks the shot could turn people into alligators (editor’s note: he was joking, see below). Now, from the transcript, he sounds like he’s just trying to give an example of a side effect before hitting on his main point, which is that Pfizer could have legal immunity if anything goes terribly wrong from some people who take it. (via NY Post):

Brazil’s president Jair Bolsonaro shocked even his staunchest supporters this week with an expletive-filled tirade against the COVID-19 vaccine, despite 7.1 million cases of the virus in the country and over 185,000 deaths.

“I’m not going to get [the vaccine]. Some say I’m setting a bad example. Hey a–hole, oh idiot, what are you saying about the bad example, I already had the virus, I already have antibodies. Why should I get the vaccine again?” Bolsonaro said in a speech captured by the news service UOL to a crowd in Porto Seguro. Bolsonaro contracted COVID-19 earlier this year. . .

“And another thing that has to be made very clear,” Bolsonaro charged. “There in the Pfizer contract, it is very clear that we (Pfizer) are not responsible for any side effect. If you become an alligator, it is your problem. … And what is worse, tampering with people’s immune systems.”

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