Dizzying 27 Alternate Pronouns Displayed on College Application

Georgia State University’s J. Mack Robinson College of Business features a program called WomenLead which “equips female students to excel in school, enter the workforce with developed skills, and find their place in leadership positions.”

One might assume a program geared toward women wouldn’t need much in the way of gender identifiers on its application form, but once you scroll down a little ways past boxes to input your last name, first name, and “nickname or preferred first name if different from your given name,” the form asks “what pronouns do you prefer?” . . .

Apart from box you can click for the seemingly obvious choice (“she,” “her,” “her,” “hers,” “herself”), there’s an option we’ve been seeing quite a bit of for the last couple of years (“he,” “him,” “his,” “his,” “himself”). And then “they,” “them,” “their,” “theirs,” “themself.” Alrighty, then. . .

If the latter choices don’t pass muster with applicants, there are seven more groups of alternate pronouns to choose from that display a whopping 27 words of some sort, such as “ey,” “xie,” “hir,” “vis,” and “eirs.”

The kicker? If none of those choices suffice, the application leaves a space at the bottom of the section in which hopefuls can list their “other” pronouns. (Read more from “Dizzying 27 Alternate Pronouns Displayed on College Application” HERE)

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