President Trump Versus Saul Alinsky

The latest example of [Saul Alinsky] brazenness comes in the wake of the totally corrupt and fraudulent 2020 Presidential “Election,” in which President Trump clearly dominated until the wee hours of the morning after. Suddenly, leftists realized they needed to shutter the doors and windows, while massively shifting the vote counts with boxes of fake ballots, manipulated software in “counting” machines, and every other form of fraud and treachery imaginable. Then a miracle happened. Insurmountable Trump majorities in all key swing states simultaneously mutated into razor thin margins, for the Democrats of course.

America didn’t buy any of it. Americans all saw the glaring patterns of cheating and manipulation. And every honest citizen recognizes the crucial importance of unmasking and reversing the fraud, if elections are ever again to mean anything, which will determine if America itself is ever again going to mean anything. Thus far, patriotic Americans have received transparent and worthless deflections from the left, along with nauseating platitudes of acquiescence from too many claiming to be on the “right.”

Like clockwork, leftist subversives who did everything they could over the past four years to attack President Trump and America itself (as another avenue to undermining him), now drip with a poisoned pretense of “virtue,” as they demand that we drop in line behind them, and unify, “for the good of the country” of course. And to nobody’s great surprise, here comes that revolting cadre of cowardly RINO sycophants, agreeing with the left and groveling before them with the exuberance of lackeys who have no moral compass, and no dignity.

[But President Trump] steadfastly refuses to make any concession whatsoever to accommodate the left, despite enormous pressure from across the political landscape. He knows that cowardice and moral bankruptcy ultimately come from the same political mindset, no matter in which party its practitioners claim to reside. Had he conceded to these people, they would all have had the absolute best excuse to ignore the rampant Election Day fraud and criminality. Had President Trump caved and followed what those lesser political players deemed the more “honorable” course, he would have given them all “cover” for the treasonous actions in which they engaged.

This is how the vile strategy of Saul Alinsky and the American left operates. It builds its case on totally bogus premises, presented as the pinnacle of “virtue” and “worthiness.” This facade of presumed merit is bolstered by both the absolute moral bankruptcy of its leftist advocacy, as well as the thorough moral cowardice of those on the right who should be standing against it, but who put their own interests ahead of anything else, including their Country. (Read more from “President Trump Versus Saul Alinsky” HERE)

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