China Explores Anuses for COVID-19 Testing

Chinese authorities have used coronavirus tests that rely on anal swabs as the country reports an uptick in COVID-19 cases.

The tests are typically reserved by health care professionals for high-risk cases, such as those in quarantine sites, according to multiple reports citing state-run channel CCTV.

However, the method was also used in a group of schoolchildren and teachers in Beijing last week, according to multiple reports. Throat and nose swabs were also used in the group.

Nose and anal swabs were also taken from a group of passengers on a flight from Changchun, China, to Beijing on Monday.

Others travelers arriving in Beijing have also been asked to use anal swabs. One woman, who was not identified by name, was asked to use an anal swab in a mandatory hotel quarantine in Beijing alongside several nose and throat tests and a blood test, Bloomberg News reported. (Read more from “China Explores Anuses for COVID-19 Testing” HERE)

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