WATCH: Barstool Sports Raised $18 Million To Help Small Businesses

Barstool Sports founder and President Dave Portnoy has raised over $18 million for struggling small businesses that have continued paying employees despite financial devastation caused by crippling government lockdowns.

Nearly 80 businesses have already been supported by the Barstool Fund after Portnoy became fed up with unjust lockdowns and no relief. “I can’t believe in this country that what I consider the most basic right of them all, the right to earn a living, the right to earn a livelihood, is now being stolen,” Portnoy said. “And they’re saying that they protect us. Let us protect ourselves. You’re not protecting a family that you just destroyed.” . . .

Unlike when citizens blindly hand over tax dollars to the government monolith, Barstool Fund donors know their money will really be helping people. The countless testimonies posted on Portnoy’s Instagram are a perfect example of why private-sector support is more effective, efficient, and trustworthy than big government.

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