Navy Fights Inside War to Purge ‘Extremists’ From Ranks

The U.S. Navy is pushing to purge its ranks of extremist ideologies and diversify its ranks, according to a new official report.

Released less than a month after the deadly Capitol riot showcased problematic ties between largely white anti-government groups and former members of the military, the report contains dozens of recommendations for attracting people of color as recruits, and to make them feel more welcome and accepted when they serve.

Roughly 20% of the people arrested for their involvement in the Jan. 6 storming of the Capitol were military veterans. Chief of Naval Personnel Vice Admiral John Nowell, Jr., who helped author the Navy Task Force One report, said the Navy is taking a zero-tolerance approach to those harboring radical beliefs, which he said go against the culture of equality the service seeks to foster.

“The Navy does not and will not tolerate supremacist or extremist conduct,” Nowell told Newsweek. “Discrimination of any kind, for any reason, goes against the Navy’s core values and will not be tolerated. Sailors participating in supremacist or extremist activities are acting in direct contradiction to the professionalism standards we expect Sailors to follow.” (Read more from “Navy Fights Inside War to Purge ‘Extremists’ From Ranks” HERE)

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