NIH Refuses to Say ‘Women,’ Refers to Them as ‘Pregnant and Lactating People’

Some may remember the good old days when political correctness and woke ideology hadn’t infected America’s scientific institutions. Well, those days are long gone.

For proof, one need look no further than to a recent news release from the National Institutes of Health in which the organization repeatedly opted not to utter the word “women,” instead choosing to describe them as “pregnant and lactating people.”

In the news release, scientists lamented the fact that thus far pregnant women have not been included in coronavirus vaccine trials and that due to their exclusion, many pregnant women now face the difficult decision of whether or not to receive the vaccine without the benefit of scientific evidence regarding its safety.

In response, the institute is calling for greater inclusion for pregnant women in vaccine research. The topic is an important one and worthy of discussion, but sadly it will undoubtedly be overshadowed by the institute’s woke choice to refer to such individuals as “pregnant and lactating people.”

After the NIH tweeted the release using the same phrasing, conservative commentator Ben Shapiro jumped in to clarify, writing, “You mean ‘women.'”

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