WATCH: House Dem Mocks Republican Colleague’s Impoverished Upbringing

Wisconsin Democratic congresswoman Gwen Moore ridiculed a Republican colleague for sharing the story of his impoverished upbringing during a Wednesday committee hearing.

Rep. Kevin Hern (R., Okla.) began his remarks before the House Ways and Means Committee by recalling his poverty-stricken childhood. Hern noted that he grew up unsure “if the lights would still be on … or if there would be food on the table” when he got home from school, adding that his stepfather developed a “dependence on government aid” that incentivized him to “stay home rather than work.”

For Hern, the anecdote showed that he “personally understood” the GOP’s opposition to a proposed five-month unemployment boost in President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package. For Moore, it was a “boogeyman troll” attempt to ignore the plight of children “languishing in poverty.”

“Listen, colleagues, the lazy stepfather welfare queen boogeyman troll must not be paraded out again to steer us from our imperative to intervene in this national crisis,” Moore said. “These families, these children, need our help right now.”

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