‘Bat Lady’ Denial of Chinese Military Involvement in Wuhan Lab Has Put China on Collision Course With U.S. Intelligence

The Chinese scientist responsible for overseeing research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology said Tuesday that the U.S. government is incorrect in stating that her lab engages in secret projects with the Chinese military.

Dr. Shi Zhengli, known as the “bat lady” in China for her work on bat-based coronaviruses, gave the comments in response to a question from World Health Organization advisory committee member Jamie Metzl during a seminar Tuesday hosted by Rutgers University.

Metzl told the Daily Caller News Foundation following the seminar that Shi’s credibility would be destroyed if the U.S. government can prove that the WIV was indeed collaborating with the Chinese military. Metzl added that since the Chinese government’s assertion that COVID-19 did not leak from the WIV rests almost entirely on Shi’s credibility, the lab leak hypothesis would “become to seen as the most credible hypothesis,” if the U.S. government produces receipts.

“Did you have knowledge of all of the research that was being done by everyone at the WIV and the full repository of viruses that were being held there by everybody, all the laboratories?” Metzl asked Shi during the seminar, according to audio obtained by the DCNF. “To your knowledge, are the U.S. government claims of classified Chinese military research being carried out at the WIV correct, and if so, did you have full awareness of and access to all aspects of this research?”

Shi said in response: “From my knowledge, all our research work is open, is transparent. At the beginning of COVID-19, we heard the rumors that claimed our laboratory would have some project blah blah with army blah blah … but this is not correct, because I am the director and responsible for research activity. I don’t know any kind of research work performed in this lab.”

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