CDC Releases New Rules for Schoolchildren

The argument to fully reopen schools for in-person learning was strengthened Friday by new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines that clarify it is safe for schoolchildren to sit just three feet apart in the classroom, provided they wear masks. However, the CDC still recommends six-foot social distancing at sporting events, assemblies, lunch, and choir practice, and of course for adults.

The revised recommendations come following a new study that suggested three feet of social distancing is just as safe as six feet if everyone wears a mask. Under the old six-foot recommendation, space in classrooms for in-person instruction was limited, requiring some schools that chose to open to create staggering class schedules or other means of keeping children apart. . .

The changes include:

Removing recommendations for plastic shields or other barriers between desks, which lack evidence showing they prevent COVID-19 transmission. . .

Revising school spacing requirements to three feet for middle and high schools in areas with low community spread. The CDC recommends that older children in areas with high community spread continue to social distance at six feet.

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