Now Sheet Music Is Racist

The old saying is that music “can soothe the savage beast,” but who knew that those sheets of paper with staves, notes, key signatures and time signatures have the power to “slap” people in the face?

It’s the latest battle in “woke” politics, with faculty of the University of Oxford’s department of music seeking to remove sheet music from the curriculum because of its “complicity in white supremacy.”

Professors are fretting that the classical music notation has not “shaken off its connection to its colonial past,” reports Fox News, and is a “slap in the face” to students of color.

The Telegraph in the United Kingdom reported that in the wake international Black Lives Matter demonstrations, faculty members want to address the “white hegemony” in music courses and enhance the diversity of the undergraduate curriculum.

The Telegraph reported professors said the classical repertoire taught at Oxford, which spans works by Mozart and Beethoven, focuses too much on “white European music from the slave period.” (Read more from “Now Sheet Music Is Racist” HERE)

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