Al-Qaida Promises America a ‘War on All Fronts’ Despite Pull Out

Al-Qaida said that their war against America is not over despite President Joe Biden’s planned removal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan on the 20-year anniversary of the September 11 attacks, CNN reported.

Two al-Qaida operatives told CNN via intermediaries that the “war against the U.S. will be continuing on all other fronts unless they are expelled from the rest of the Islamic world.” (RELATED: ‘Handing A Propaganda Tool To The Taliban’: Dana Perino Blasts Plan To Set Afghanistan Exit For 9/11)

Biden previously announced that he would remove all U.S. troops from Afghanistan by September 11, 2021. . .

Paul Cruickshank, editor-in-chief of West Point’s CTC Sentinel, said al-Qaida likely feels “buoyed by the Biden administration’s decision to pull out troops from Afghanistan, but they may also be seeking to deflect attention from the many recent losses,” according to CNN. (Read more from “Al-Qaida Promises America a ‘War on All Fronts’ Despite Pull Out” HERE)

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