DISTURBING VIDEO: Cops Seen Laughing At Elderly Dementia Patient They Injured

A pair of Colorado cops can be heard callously joking how they manhandled a 73-year-old female dementia patient during a brutal arrest that left the ailing woman with broken bones, according to newly released body cam footage.

“Ready for the pop? Hear the pop?” one of the officers asks as they giggle over the video images of Karen Garner being taken into custody after walking out of a store with items she didn’t pay for.

In the June 2020 bust, Loveland, Colo., Officer Austin Hopp forced Karen Garner to the ground, and Officer Daria Jalali slammed her to a police vehicle, according to the video.

The septuagenarian, who is afflicted with dementia and sensory aphasia, suffered severe bruising, a broken elbow, and a dislocated arm at the hands of the cops, her lawyers said in a lawsuit filed against the department.

Garner, whom her family describes as standing five feet tall and weighing 80 pounds, had walked out of a Walmart with $13.38 worth of stuff — a candy bar, a Pepsi, and a t-shirt. (Read more from “DISTURBING VIDEO: Cops Seen Laughing At Elderly Dementia Patient They Injured” HERE)

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