Female Authors Protest After Transgender Man Is Nominated for ‘Women’s Prize’

Men — individuals who biologically are male — already are in women’s athletics, locker rooms and restrooms under the transgender agenda.

Now, women are protesting a literary organization’s nomination of a man for its “Women’s Prize for Fiction,” which includes a $42,000 payout.

In a letter, the Wild Woman Writing Club is protesting the nomination of Torrey Peters, a man who lives as a woman, for his book “Detransition, Baby.”

The letter by the WWWC to the charity that presents the prize, the Women’s Prize Trust, obtained some 250 signatures within a day. However, some signed under a pseudonym due to fear of being “permanently canceled by the book industry,” the U.K.’s Christian Institute explained.

The letter said: “The Women’s Prize was established to recognize the contribution of female writers who were overlooked by other major literary awards. The founder launched it in response to the all-male shortlist for the 1991 Booker Prize. Over the years, the Women’s Prize has been criticized as ‘sexist’ because it is for women. (Read more from “Female Authors Protest After Transgender Man Is Nominated for ‘Women’s Prize'” HERE)

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