Israel Kicking Out Jewish Rabbi for Spreading Christianity

A Jerusalem rabbi who’s suspected of being an undercover Christian missionary from New Jersey is getting a one-way ticket out of Israel — and, depending on your spiritual beliefs, a possible first-class booking into heaven.

His family had allegedly spent years assimilating into an ultra-Orthodox community in the Holy City, becoming so embedded that the so-called cleric had even been known to perform marriage rites for couples, according to Israel’s nonprofit missionary watchdog organization Beyneynu.

The missionary’s ulterior position? Converting members of the Jewish faith to Christianity, the watchdog group claimed.

“The family has been under surveillance for at least seven years,” said Beyneynu researcher Shannon Nussan in a statement to ultra-Orthodox website Behadrei Haredim. “[We have been] investigating the case of a covert missionary in French Hill for many years,” but moved to expose him now “due to one of the missionary’s children proselytizing in school.” (Read more from “Israel Kicking Out Jewish Rabbi for Spreading Christianity” HERE)

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