Kim Jong-un Says North Korea Is In Its ‘Worst-Ever Situation’

Kim Jong-un appeared to state North Korea is currently enduring the worst period of its history in a speech to members of his ruling Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) on Wednesday.

Kim did not elaborate on what he was referring to when he said North Korea was in its “worst-ever” situation and, other than urging party leaders to address unspecified “shortcomings,” spoke much more optimistically than in other recent public statements, most notably in a tearful apology speech to the Korean people in October. The context of his remark was urging local Workers’ Party leaders to improve “people’s living standards,” suggesting that the situation which he lamented as historically poor was the nation’s economic one.

North Korea is currently under a strict sanctions regime imposed by the U.N. Security Council in 2017, following the nation’s latest illegal nuclear weapons test. Then-President Donald Trump convinced the Council — which includes North Korea’s closest ally, China — to impose the sanctions despite China and other members having veto power. While reports indicate China has regularly violated the sanctions, North Korea’s Chinese coronavirus lockdown appears to have kept much of China’s trade with the country on the other side of the border in 2020.

The speech followed Pyongyang announcing Tuesday that it would not participate in the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, citing the Chinese coronavirus pandemic and a desire to protect its athletes from infection. North Korea currently claims to have documented zero cases of coronavirus in the country despite bordering some of the most severely affected states in the world, including China, where the pandemic originated. (Read more from “Kim Jong-un Says North Korea Is In Its ‘Worst-Ever Situation’” HERE)

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