Midwest County Defies the Feds, Threatens Arrest and Prosecution of ATF Agents

This county in Missouri is doing what red counties throughout the United States need to do immediately: pass ordinances requiring sheriffs to arrest federal agents who violate the Second Amendment under the color of federal law. Watch the compelling interview with the commissioner who made this happen:


Newton County Ordinance Gets National Attention

By KOAM News Now. Newton County is now in the national spotlight for an ordinance the commission passed back in February.

The website “Defy Tyrants” interviewed Newton County Commissioner David Osborn about the county’s “Second Amendment Preservation Act”. The ordinance is intended to provide protection against all federal acts, laws, orders, rules and regulations that infringe on second amendment rights to keep and bear arms. The act also provides for the Newton County Sheriff’s Office to arrest any federal agents trying to violate the ordinance. (Read more from “Newton County Ordinance Gets National Attention” HERE)

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