Serious Warning For ‘Inappropriate’ ‘Sex And Gender’ Treatments

A new study in the British Medical Journal warns of “inappropriate” medical treatments for patients that could occur when doctors “deliberately confuse sex and gender.”

The U.K.’s Christian Institute said the study from the University of St. Andrews in Scotland said “the significance of biological sex is being ignored by some medical practitioners, which can result in male or female-specific treatments being offered to the wrong people.”

“In their study, published in the British Medical Journal, the researchers explained that in cases where transgender patients have been taking cross-sex hormones for a long period, they may respond differently to treatments for medical conditions,” the institute said.

Dr. Margaret McCartney of the university’s medical school said: “There are many instances of sex and gender being confused by the research community and society more broadly. Unless we identify and count categories correctly, we will end up with errors which serve all populations poorly, including minority populations.” (Read more from “Serious Warning For ‘Inappropriate’ ‘Sex And Gender’ Treatments” HERE)

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