It’s Time For Christians To Stand Up And Proclaim We Will Never Stop Worshipping

Last weekend the world saw a fearless man of God, Pastor Artur Pawlowski, arrested for leading a church service. This faithful pastor, who escaped the iron fist of communist rule in Poland as a child, was handcuffed on the streets of Canada and thrown in jail for refusing to shutter his church.

Not too long ago, this shocking display of repression would be unheard of in the western world. But over the last year, government efforts to curtail our freedom to worship have become all too common, and it has uncovered an uncomfortable problem in our church. . .

We cannot stop praying! We must not stop worshipping! For 2,000 years the Christian church has gathered, prayed, and worshipped through pandemics and persecution. And I believe that is the call of today.

The church is ready for a revival. Since pandemic orders locked down our communities more than a year ago, I’ve worshipped with hundreds of thousands of believers in 87 cities, and have witnessed a rising revival across America. We will not be stopped.

The church will no longer be pressured by the world into hiding our light under a bushel. We won’t be cowered by politicians to forsake our mission to gather, pray, and worship the God who saved us. (Read more from “It’s Time For Christians To Stand Up And Proclaim We Will Never Stop Worshipping” HERE)

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