Apparent IRS Leak Reveals ‘Thousands’ of Wealthy Americans’ Confidential Tax Data

As the Biden administration works to double the size of the IRS and institute new income reporting requirements, an apparent internal leak revealed the confidential tax data of some of the wealthiest Americans.

The data—published Tuesday by ProPublica—covers more than 15 years of tax returns filed by “thousands of the nation’s wealthiest people.” According to the nonprofit news organization, the private information came from an “anonymous source” who provided “large amounts of information on the ultrawealthy,” including taxes, income, and stock trades. Under federal law, government employees who “willfully” disclose “any return or return information” without authorization are subject to federal charges.

The leak comes as the Biden administration pushes to hire nearly 87,000 new IRS staffers through an $80 billion budget increase. The proposal also includes additional income and transaction reporting requirements, which Sen. Mike Crapo (R., Idaho) said “is of great concern … in light of the ProPublica report we saw today.” (Read more from “Apparent IRS Leak Reveals ‘Thousands’ of Wealthy Americans’ Confidential Tax Data” HERE)

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