County Bans ‘Left-Wing’ Coca-Cola Machines From Government Buildings

Officials in Surry County, North Carolina, voted to remove Coca-Cola machines from all government facilities in response to the beverage company CEO’s remarks about Georgia’s controversial new voting law.

The ban passed during a Board of Commissioners meeting on May 17 with a 3-2 vote as a direct response to Coca-Cola CEO James Quincey’s comments calling the voting law “unacceptable” and “a step backwards.”

Commissioner Ed Harris provided “TODAY” Digital with the copy of a letter he sent Quincey, calling out the company’s “corporate political commentary favoring the Democratic party” and announcing the decision to remove Coca-Cola machines from government facilities. . .

In the letter to Quincey, Harris said the beverage company supports “the out-of-control cancel culture and bigoted leftist mob” when it chooses the social issues it wants to speak up about.

“Michael Jordan once said ‘Republicans buy sneakers too’ when asked why he didn’t make public comments about politics,” Harris wrote. “Citizens of Surry County and across America are growing increasingly tired of large multinational corporations and their CEOs pushing an increasingly intolerant, bigoted, left-wing, divisive political agenda on its customers.” (Read more from “County Bans ‘Left-Wing’ Coca-Cola Machines From Government Buildings” HERE)

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