Disturbing: Christian Doctor Ordered Not To Provide Life-Saving Treatment

A Christian doctor has been ordered by a medical tribunal in the United Kingdom not to provide life-saving treatment to women who seek his help while an investigation is conducted.

Officials at Christian Concern explained Dr. Dermot Kearney, a former president of the Catholic Medical Association, is considering how to challenge the punishment imposed by the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service.

He was accused of providing prescriptions to women who had taken the first of two chemicals that are described as an abortion-pill process.

“It is believed to be the first time a medical doctor has been prohibited from providing a treatment that saves lives,” Christian Concern explained in a report.

Kearney has been ordered not to provide that treatment to women for up to 18 months during an investigation. (Read more from “Disturbing: Christian Doctor Ordered Not To Provide Life-Saving Treatment” HERE)

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