Supreme Court Punts on Including Women in the Draft

The Supreme Court on Monday punted on a case that could have required women to be included in the Selective Service System – the military draft – citing Congress’ ongoing consideration of the issue.

The court denied a petition from the National Coalition for Men to hear the case on the system that currently requires all men from 18 to 25 to register for potential military service in a national crisis. The group said that the continued integration of women into the military and the reversal of the ban on women in combat removed the basis of the 1981 case that upheld the selection of only men for the draft.

The Selective Service System, opposing a change that would mandate women register for the draft, emphasized that the court previously “deferred to Congress’s judgment” on the Selective Service System. . .

In the precedent that upheld the men-only draft, Sotomayor wrote, “this Court upheld the Act’s gender-based registration requirement against an equal protection challenge, citing the fact that women were ‘excluded from combat’ roles and hence ‘would not be needed in the event of a draft.’”

“The role of women in the military has changed dramatically since then. Beginning in 1991, thousands of women have served with distinction in a wide range of combat roles, from operating military aircraft and naval vessels to participating in boots-on-the-ground infantry missions,” Sotomayor continued. “Women have passed the military’s demanding tests to become U. S. Army Rangers, Navy SEALs, and Green Berets… As of 2015, there are no longer any positions in the United States Armed Forces closed to women.” (Read more from “Supreme Court Punts on Including Women in the Draft” HERE)

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