How a 10-Year-Old Girl’s Mom Saved Her from Going Transgender

. . .Ten-year-old Mindy (a pseudonym) changed schools and left behind her friends just before the school lockdowns, then attended school virtually for the rest of fourth grade and all of fifth grade. When she exhibited overwhelming stress, her concerned parents took her to a counselor at the pediatrician’s office. That started their nightmare. . .

For Mindy, what started as “out of the blue” anxiety and depression quickly escalated to a diagnosis of gender dysphoria, the next crucial step in the manufacturing of trans kids.

“She began counseling at the pediatrics office and [they] quickly diagnosed her with gender dysphoria (without telling us) and possible Asperger’s in addition to the previous GAD [Generalized Anxiety Disorder]. I felt like they did not listen to me…I told the pediatrics office and counselor that this started when my daughter changed school… leaving her friends and the only school she had ever been to. [Then] school became virtual [and] nothing was normal.”

Notice how the counselor didn’t listen to the parents and their knowledge of their child. Obvious triggers—changing schools, leaving friends behind, lockdowns, and the resulting anxiety and depression—were ignored. To me, this is reckless medical malpractice and it happens far too frequently.

For ten-year-old Mindy, her therapist was forthright enough, thankfully, to inform Mindy’s parents that she intended, without their permission or input, to start calling Mindy by a male name. But Mindy’s mama bear mother didn’t roll over. She took appropriate action. (Read more from “How a 10-Year-Old Girl’s Mom Saved Her from Going Transgender” HERE)

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