New Study Reveals Drug That Could Potentially Treat COVID-19

Ivermectin (IVM) attenuates COVID-19 inflammation and other clinical symptoms in animals infected with SARS-CoV-2, according to a recent study by the French Pasteur Institute. The paper was published in EMBO Molecular Medicine last Monday and states clearly that “standard doses” of Ivermectin can prevent clinical deterioration and reduce olfactory deficit. The abstract noted: “Altogether, this study supports the use of immunomodulatory drugs such as IVM, to improve the clinical condition of SARS-CoV-2-infected patients.”

In a normal world the Pasteur Institute’s study would mark a turning point in the COVID-19 crisis, relativizing the “vaccine” narrative. It is remarkable that the study was published on the very day that French president Emmanuel Macron announced what amounts to mandatory vaccination for the entire population aged 12 and over: compulsory vaccination of all healthcare workers and members of related professions, and a universal COVID passport that would require testing every two days for those who refuse the jab to be able to live normally – with a 10,000 euro fine for individuals who would try to enter cafés, restaurants, hospitals, homes for the elderly, long-distance trains and coaches, cinemas, shopping centers, and the like. . .

It continued: “It also warrants for the search of immunomodulatory drugs that could improve disease outcome. Here, we show that standard doses of ivermectin (IVM), an anti-parasitic drug with potential immunomodulatory activities through the cholinergic anti-inflammatory pathway, prevent clinical deterioration, reduce olfactory deficit, and limit the inflammation of the upper and lower respiratory tracts in SARS-CoV-2-infected hamsters.”

The study showed that Ivermectin did not reduce the viral load of the infected hamsters but did “dampen” and “modulate” several types of inflammatory response, even “dramatically” reducing “the Il-6/Il-10 ratio in lung tissue.” The researched noted that IVM “promotes macrophage M2 polarization, which might account for the more favorable clinical presentation of IVM-treated animals.” It was more efficient in female than in male hamsters. (Read more from “New Study Reveals Drug That Could Potentially Treat COVID-19” HERE)

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