Psaki Blames Military for Worsening Afghanistan Situation (VIDEO)

Rather than hold political leadership accountable, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki blamed the U.S. military for the Afghanistan stalemate, during a Thursday press conference. Psaki said, “We’re not going to have a ‘mission accomplished’ moment in this regard. It’s a 20-year war that has not been won militarily.”

As the White House faces pressure to follow through with the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan set in motion by former President Donald Trump, Psaki said the Biden administration “will continue to press for a political outcome and a political solution.” Psaki holds the military at fault for the situation in Afghanistan, but hopes politicians will craft a “solution.”

Decorated combat veteran Sean Parnell, who led an infantry platoon for over a year in Afghanistan, slammed Psaki for her rhetoric and challenged her self-serving narrative. “We won EVERY SINGLE battle we were in on the ground. We did our job & we did it well,” Parnell responded. “It was the politicians who screwed things up, not the troops.”

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