The Loudest Voices Crying ‘Racism’ Are Always Some of the Most Famous, Well-Paid Black Americans

Isn’t it weird how the loudest voices assuring America we’re all incurably racist tend to do so from very comfortable, financially secure perches?

That fact couldn’t have been illustrated more perfectly than in an article last week by Washington Post columnist Paul Butler, an oppressed minority who also happens to be a law professor at the prestigious Georgetown University and a well-paid legal analyst on national television for MSNBC. . .

But how is it that someone with so much opportunity and financial security at his fingertips — and at a level most white people couldn’t bother to dream of — can be so miserable? It’s almost always the case in our never-ending nightmarish discussion on race that those leading the insistence that America is hopelessly racist are curiously doing very well, even thriving, despite not being white.

Race hustler Benjamin Crump, an alleged attorney, is making a fortune by hyping up every single run-in between cops and blacks that he can spin into another example of the absolute myth that police everywhere are out to shoot them. . .

Joy Reid moved swiftly from guest to contributor to weekend morning host to finally having her own primetime show at MSNBC. If that’s not the face of oppression, what is? (Read more from “The Loudest Voices Crying ‘Racism’ Are Always Some of the Most Famous, Well-Paid Black Americans” HERE)

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