Tucker: Why Is Mark Milley Still in Command of U.S. Military? (VIDEO)



Now, we know that Mark Milley himself is the sort of person who considers military coups entirely within the realm of possibility. A new book written by reporters at “The Washington Post” who cover Mark Milley reveals that the current Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is a legitimate extremist. He is the last person you would give power to if you could possibly help it.

In the book, Milley describes Donald Trump and the millions of people who supported him as the moral equivalent of Adolf Hitler. As thousands of Trump supporters peacefully gathered in Washington for what they assumed was a constitutionally protected political rally, the kind we’ve had for hundreds of years, shortly after the election, Milley likened them to brown shirts. That is the paramilitary wing of the Nazi Party.

Trump’s complaints about voter fraud, Milley explained to his advisers out loud were actually calls for genocide. “This is a Reichstag moment,” Milley said. “The gospel of the Fuhrer.” Those are quotes. Think about that.

So, your grandfather joined the U.S. military to go overseas to risk his life to fight the Nazis. Now, the head of the U.S. military calls you a Nazi for having your grandfather’s political views. What do you think of that? Keep in mind that Mark Milley is a man the media tells us is a deep intellectual, someone who reads books and stuff, not just Wikipedia.

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