After Reviewing Netflix Show, Parents Group Demands Child Pornography Investigation

Though Netflix’s animated series, “Big Mouth,” bills itself as TV-MA and is ostensibly intended for adults, it features 12- and 13-year-old characters engaging in sex acts and includes animated nudity and graphic dialogue, according to a parents group demanding Netflix be investigated over the show.

One scene, for example, shows a 13-year-old boy who doesn’t want to be left at camp yelling, “I’ll suck your d**k,” to his departing father. Another shows a group of middle school boys fully nude in a shower, waving their penises. Still another scene shows two boys discussing mutual masturbation, sharing tips on how to masturbate, and fondling themselves in front of one another.

A new report from the Parents Television and Media Council (PTC) argues that, despite being a cartoon, “Big Mouth’s” sexually explicit content is meant to depict minors and therefore qualifies as child pornography. The group is calling on law enforcement to investigate the distributor, Netflix. . .

While much of this material is expressed through dialogue, some scenes do depict sex acts and show nudity. In total, the PTC reports, these ten episodes included 17 instances of animated nudity, primarily depicting the genitals of middle-school boys and girls. (Read more from “After Reviewing Netflix Show, Parents Group Demands Child Pornography Investigation” HERE)

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