Chinese Ambassador Warns of ‘Disastrous Consequences’ if U.S. Takes Hard Line on China

The Chinese ambassador to the United States warned of “disastrous consequences” for U.S.-China relations if America uses a “Cold War playbook” against China.

“It would be absurd and dangerous to apply the ‘Cold War playbook’ to today’s China-U.S. relations,” Qin Gang, who was appointed by Beijing on July 28, said Tuesday in his first major speech as ambassador. “Many countries are reluctant or concerned about being forced by the [United States] to pick sides. I hope American politicians would seriously consider: Does suppressing China really serve their purpose? Does it really meet America’s own interests? Who can bear the disastrous consequences to China-U.S. relations and the world? Dealing with China from a position of strength—the Chinese people simply do not accept it.”

Qin also called on the Biden administration to reverse the “extreme China policy” of the Trump administration.

The ambassador’s speech comes on the heels of similar remarks from senior Chinese officials. President Xi Jinping and Foreign Minister Wang Yi panned the United States for escalating tensions to the point of a “Cold War,” a conflict which they say China has no interest in fighting. (Read more from “Chinese Ambassador Warns of ‘Disastrous Consequences’ if U.S. Takes Hard Line on China” HERE)

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