Facebook Drops Hammer on Song Critical of Biden, ‘Blood on My Hands’ (VIDEO)

With unusual speed, Facebook has blocked a Grammy-nominated songwriter from promoting his new tune that pays tribute to U.S. troops in Afghanistan and whacks President Joe Biden’s bumbled withdrawal.

On John Ondrasik’s page, Facebook said it was blocking an ad to promote his new song, “Blood on my hands,” because “it doesn’t comply with our advertising policies.” The reason was unclear, and the singer was hopeful of clearing the block.

Ondrasik wrote the just-released song in reaction to the deaths of 13 service members in the days leading to the full U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan and the plight of those left behind, especially women.

“Though I believe the decision to withdraw or not from Afghanistan has good arguments on both sides, I cannot comprehend why the Biden administration would not extend the August 31 deadline thus leaving American citizens, SIV holders, and Afghan allies behind to a terrorist Taliban regime. As a life-long supporter of our military I believe ‘no man left behind’ applied to all Americans as well as those we promise to protect,” he said on his webpage.

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