Navy Assistant Football Coach Fired for Refusing COVID Vaccine

Navy has fired assistant coach Billy Ray Stutzmann after he failed to abide by the Naval Academy Athletic Association’s policy regarding the COVID-19 vaccination. The policy requires all coaches and staff to be vaccinated against the virus. Stutzmann says he failed to receive a religious exemption that would have allowed him to stay unvaccinated.

The Pentagon announced in August that members of the United States military will be required to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

“Based on my religious convictions, and after much thought and prayer, I am unable to follow the requirements of the Naval Academy’s COVID-19 policy, as it has changed these last few months,” he wrote on his Twitter account. “After applying for a religious exemption and attempting to further negotiate alternative working arrangements, I was ultimately relieved of my duties here at Navy. I continue to stand firm in my conviction of faith, but I understand and respect that each individual and institution has a choice on how they wish to manage these issues. I wish Navy football nothing by the best in the future.” (Read more from “Navy Assistant Football Coach Fired for Refusing COVID Vaccine” HERE)

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