Loudoun County Superintendent Requested SWAT Team at Board Meeting

The sheriff of Loudoun County denied the county school superintendent’s request for a standby SWAT team, riot control unit, and undercover officers at an August school board meeting.

The county has become a hotbed of controversy in recent months, with dozens of parents protesting at school board meetings over critical race theory and revelations the superintendent and board members allowed a male student charged with sexual assault to move to a different school where he committed a second assault.

Loudoun County Sheriff Michael Chapman said in emails reported by Fox News that it was “extraordinary” that Superintendent Scott Ziegler would request a K-9 unit explosive device sweep, an on-site task force, undercover officers in the public crowd, and the sheriff office’s civil defense unit and special operations team after hiring a private security company.

The civil defense unit is the sheriff’s office riot control unit, and the special operations team is the office’s equivalent of a SWAT team. (Read more from “Loudoun County Superintendent Requested SWAT Team at Board Meeting” HERE)

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