Mom Jailed After Refusing To Leave Daughter’s Side at Hospital

A fiercely devoted Florida mom was thrown in jail because she refused to leave her daughter’s bedside in the hospital — and she’s “not sorry that I made them take me out of there in handcuffs.”

Lynn Savage, 70, was taken into custody on trespassing charges after she wouldn’t comply with visiting hours while her daughter, Amber, was recovering from brain surgery at UF Health North in Jacksonville, news station WKRC reported.

“I could not in good conscience and good heart leave her bedside not knowing how she was going to make it through the night voluntarily,” Savage told the outlet.

Savage said she had been at the hospital that day since 6:30 a.m. acting as an interpreter for her daughter, who is non-verbal and paralyzed on her left side from a stroke.

At one point, a doctor asked Savage to come into her daughter’s room in the intensive care unit to help calm her down after her operation. (Read more from “Mom Jailed After Refusing To Leave Daughter’s Side at Hospital” HERE)

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