U.S. Orthodox Rabbis Accused of Secretly Being Evangelical Christians

Accusations have been leveled against a father and son in the United States who practice as Orthodox rabbis of secretly being Evangelical Christians.

The father and son in question, Michael and Calev Isaacson, have worked as rabbis in Orthodox Jewish communities throughout the United States. These include Portland, Milwaukee, Houston, and, currently, Phoenix. While in Houston, from 2014-2016, Michael reportedly worked as a supervisor for the local kashrut association.

The accusations against them were leveled by Beynenyu, an Israel-based anti-missionary organization, who claim that they have relocated whenever the suspicions of the local rabbis were aroused.

Investigations conducted by the Jewish Chronicle corroborated these claims, revealing that Michael Isaacson, named Michael Dawson until 2019, grew up Lutheran and was married in a Lutheran wedding, and whose relatives were “shocked” at his claims of being Jewish.

Isaacson also reportedly crafted a background of being halachically Jewish and with a history of practicing Jewish traditions, all of which a family member of his denied to the JC. (Read more from “U.S. Orthodox Rabbis Accused of Secretly Being Evangelical Christians” HERE)

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