New Book Reveals the Organization That Really Controls the Black Lives Matter Movement

If Black Lives Matter is the chaos arm of the movement, the Movement for Black Lives is the operating system. How a group so connected, so influential, and so well-funded can operate with no exposure in the age of social media is both a testament to its power and a sad statement of how far the media has fallen. . .

For several months, the country has been beset by protests and riots. It is obvious that they are organized, but many believe they are being funded by the Black Lives Matter movement or others with political interests. There is no doubt that funds are being used to fuel the protests, agitate against the police, and support rioting and looting. That people dealing with the uncertainty of employment during the COVID-19 crisis would use their limited savings to travel around the country to protest, risk arrest, and meet the subsequent cash bail, merely in order to throw a rock at a police officer, is as likely as a spontaneous uprising in Benghazi.

The question is: Who is funding these protests, particularly the clashes with police? After being attacked by the Republican National Convention protestors, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul called for an investigation to trace the corporations funding the protests and riots. I agree with the sentiment, but I believe it will be nearly impossible to trace. There are so many organizations within the movement, most of which have no financial declarations or lists of their members. . .

My point is not to indict these groups for their funding. Even if it is all aboveboard, it doesn’t change the fact that under the guise of “racial equality,” there has been a massive, intentional plot to reshape the country, it is happening right under our noses, and few Americans know the truth about it. (Read more from “New Book Reveals the Organization That Really Controls the Black Lives Matter Movement” HERE)

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