Report: Source for Steele Dossier Conspiracy Theories Arrested

One of the key sources for the wild claims ex-British agent Christopher Steele included in his now-debunked anti-Trump dossier – a key part of the Democrats’ conspiracy theory created to falsely link then-candidate Donald Trump to Russia – has been arrested.

The New York Times is reporting that Igor Danchenko, a “Russia analyst who worked with Christopher Steele,” was taken into custody as part of the investigation of that campaign to undermine Trump’s candidacy, and then presidency, by former U.S. Attorney John Durham.

Durham was tasked by then-Attorney General Bill Barr to investigate how the false claims against Trump were inserted at the highest levels of the Barack Obama administration, and were used by Democrats from that administration against a sitting president after Trump was inaugurated.

Already, there’s been one guilty plea in the investigation, and another key player indicted.

The Times reported Danchenko’s arrest as “part of the special counsel inquiry led by John H. Durham.” (Read more from “Report: Source for Steele Dossier Conspiracy Theories Arrested” HERE)

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