Teacher: School Banned My ‘Proud Zionist’ T-Shirt but Allows ‘BLM’ Garb

An outraged Park Slope teacher says he learned the hard way that it’s OK to wear Black Lives Matter t-shirts to work at his “woke” Brooklyn school — but not pro-cop or pro-Israel garb.

Jeffrey Levy, an English as a Second Language teacher at MS 51 in the liberal Brooklyn enclave, told The Post that school Principal Neal Singh ordered him to stop wearing his “Proud Zionist” t-shirt in the building — even though other staffers have worn shirts touting BLM and women’s rights.

Levy filed a discrimination complaint over not being allowed to wear his self-made shirt, which features the Star of David.

He said he was told by Singh that students and staffers complained about it — and also the pro-police “Back the Blue” t-shirt he’s previously worn.

“Singh told me that my T-shirt with an Israeli flag on it and the words ‘Proud Zionist’ were politically explosive’,” Levy says in his complaint, filed Sept. 30, with the city Department of Education’s Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity. (Read more from “Teacher: School Banned My ‘Proud Zionist’ T-Shirt but Allows ‘BLM’ Garb” HERE)

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