12 Christian Missionaries Released After Being Held Hostage by Haitian Gang

After being kidnapped and held hostage by a dangerous Haitian gang for two months, the remaining captives of a group of 17 Christian missionaries have finally been freed.

A spokesman for the Haitian police, Gary Desrosiers, confirmed to CBS News on Thursday that the last 12 captives were set free this week. Two hostages had previously been released in November, and then three others were released earlier this month.

Christian Aid Ministries also confirmed the news in a celebratory statement Thursday, saying, “We glorify God for answered prayer — the remaining twelve hostages are FREE! Join us in praising God that all seventeen of our loved ones are now safe. Thank you for your fervent prayers throughout the past two months. We hope to provide more information as we are able.”

The group then quoted a Bible verse, Exodus 15:1b, which says, “I will sing unto the Lord, for he hath triumphed gloriously.”

Republican Rep. Bill Huizenga of Michigan, the home state of a few of the hostages, said in a statement Thursday, “Today is the day we have been hoping for, praying for, and working so hard to achieve.” (Read more from “12 Christian Missionaries Released After Being Held Hostage by Haitian Gang” HERE)

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