Communist China’s TikTok Dethrones Google as World’s Most Popular Domain

Communist China’s TikTok surpassed the search engine giant Google as the world’s most popular domain in 2020 largely thanks to Generation Z.

According to the web security company Cloudlare’s “Year in Review” report, TikTok surpassed Google, Facebook, and Amazon as the most popular domain despite those platforms’ multiple features, from video sharing to news distribution.

“ — which also includes Maps, Translate, and News among others — ended the previous year as the leader in Cloudflare’s rankings,” reported Search Engine Journal. “At that time, TikTok was ranking in the 7th position,” adding:

The number of global TikTok users number grew 59.8% in 2020, and went up by an additional 40.8% in 2021. Further, Insider Intelligence estimates TikTok will see a 15.1% growth in global users in 2022. Should that estimate hold true, TikTok will hold a 20% share of overall social media users by the end of next year.

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