University Students Found Guilty of Harassing Peers: It’s ‘Actually Violent’ to Be Civil to White People (VIDEO)

Two students at Arizona State University were found “guilty” of “interfering with university activities” after video footage showed them harassing two white, male students for studying in the university’s multicultural center, according to an Instagram post of the duo complaining about their punishment.

Undergraduate student Mastaani Qureshi and graduate student Sarra Tekola posted a video on Instagram alleging that Arizona State University (ASU) investigated their actions and called on them to write a three-page paper “on how, next time, when [they] talk with white people about race and society [they] will be civil.”

The students were charged with “interfering with or disrupting university or university-sponsored activities,” according to emails obtained by Campus Reform.

On Sept. 23, Qureshi and Tekola claim that “hateful and racist symbology invaded our multicultural center” when two students — one who wore an anti-Biden shirt and another who had a Chick-fil-A cup and a “police lives matter” computer sticker — sat near black students.

The duo appeared to harass and dox the students by screaming at them and dubbing their study location “peak white cis male bulls**t.” . . .

“Dear White People, A.K.A. ASU — You openly discriminated against us on Nov. 16 when you handed down your decision from your racially biased investigation,” Qureshi said. “We’re being persecuted for defending our multicultural center from racism and sexism … ASU is a violent place.” (Read more from “University Students Found Guilty of Harassing Peers: It’s ‘Actually Violent’ to Be Civil to White People” HERE)

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