Netflix ‘Cheer’ Star Pleads Down to 2 Charges in Child Sex Abuse Case

Jerry Harris, one of the stars of the 2020 Netflix series Cheer and a former Joe Biden campaign surrogate, pleaded guilty to only two federal charges relating to child sex abuse last week, according to reports.

The 22-year-old former cheerleader pleaded guilty in a federal court in Chicago to one count each of receiving child sexual abuse images and soliciting sex from minors, according to the Guardian.

The actor pleaded guilty to two of seven felony counts against him. The guilty pleas came for one count of convincing a child under 17 of sending explicit images via cell phone and a second count for the trip Harris took to Florida to meet the child for the purpose of “engaging in illicit sexual conduct.” Prosecutors dropped the remaining counts after Harris agreed to a plea deal.

Harris could be sentenced to 20 years for the child abuse images and 30 years for the act of illicit sexual conduct with a minor under 17 years old. He is scheduled to be sentenced in June.

Harris was arrested in Sept. of 2020 after the parents of one of the children the actor targeted had discovered the disturbing photos and videos that the actor had sent the boy on his cell phone. (Read more from “Netflix ‘Cheer’ Star Pleads Guilty to Charges in Child Sex Abuse Case” HERE)

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