Proof ‘Woke’ Leaders Don’t Actually Believe Anything They Say

Every day, America’s leaders bombard the rest of us with a fusillade of the latest “woke” moral imperatives: “Equity!” “Diversity!” “Climate justice!” “Anti-racism!” “Trans rights!” “Reproductive justice!” “Preserving our democracy!”

Whether in government, big tech, big media or big business, our elites continually invoke these and other sacred mantras of the religion of Leftism, displaying to the world their superior moral virtue – in stark contrast to the vast unwashed peasant class comprising tens of millions of bigots, extremists, white supremacists, conservatives and other deplorables.

Yet, probe just beneath the surface of their “woke” righteousness, their passionate angst over “systemic racism,” “marginalized communities” and “saving the planet,” and it turns out most of these wealthy elites – whose policies are, after all, wrecking the country – don’t really believe in any of the left’s phantasmagoric causes.

They know men can’t have babies.

They know getting rid of police causes crime. (Read more from “Proof ‘Woke’ Leaders Don’t Actually Believe Anything They Say” HERE)

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