After Being Swindled and Fooled, Will We Learn From Our COVID Failures?

We were swindled, fooled, bamboozled and lied to during the pandemic. The public-health establishment misled the American people about the value of masking, closures and social distancing. No one has accepted blame. Understanding how badly we failed is not only an inevitable part of the “told you so” process but, more important, a lesson for next time. Just ask the Swedes.

Sweden had zero excess deaths associated with COVID-19. The United States had the most excess deaths of all nations. New York had more than Florida. That’s the whole story right there in a handful of words. . .

The key element of misdirection in the American swindle was case counts, those running numbers on screens telling us how many Americans had tested positive for COVID. If you’re curious, it looks like some 60% of us have had COVID at some point, with most of us experiencing mild or no symptoms.

How high the case numbers went in your neck of the woods depended a lot on the amount of testing taking place. More testing meant more “cases.” For me, when I had a very mild set of symptoms all clearly in line with COVID, I never even bothered to test. Like most people, I just sat around the house for a few days until I got better. My spouse, who had no symptoms, never got tested, either. Neither of us was included in the ever-growing case counts that dominated the headlines for years.

Not that it matters. The case count tells us very little. Hospitalization totals are useful for managing caseload but often are indicative of protocols like testing patients upon entry to the hospital. Many hospital treatments changed, too. Initially, many COVID-positive people were hospitalized and put on respirators. Before long, many doctors realized infections associated with long-term respirator use were killing people, too. (Read more from “After Being Swindled and Fooled, Will We Learn From Our COVID Failures?” HERE)

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