Hillary Clinton Accuses Republicans of Wanting Babies to Starve

Hillary Clinton took to Twitter to accuse GOP members of wanting to “kill certain babies” amid the nation’s baby formula shortage, while she and the Democratic Party support unlimited abortion on demand, making further clear their hypocrisy on respect for life.

In response to Governor Greg Abbott’s (R-TX) statement addressing his fury that baby formula is being shipped to border migrant camps, Clinton said “The Republican, ‘pro-life’ position is now that certain babies should starve.”

The mishandling of the formula shortage is one more way in which the Biden Administration is putting American families last, at the expense of others.

Clinton’s comment came after Abbott pushed back against the Biden administration’s decision to send much-needed baby formula to illegal immigrants, while thousands of grocery store shelves remain empty, leaving parents in a panic. (Read more from “Hillary Clinton Accuses Republicans of Wanting Babies to Starve” HERE)

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