Psaki Tells Americans That if You Don’t Support Roe v. Wade, You’re ‘Ultra MAGA’ (VIDEO)

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said opposing the Supreme Court precedent set in Roe v. Wade was an example of an “ultra MAGA” position in a Tuesday press conference.

Psaki said President Joe Biden used the phrase “ultra MAGA” to refer to Republicans with extreme or unpopular positions who, in his view, played too large of a role in the GOP. She added that people who support Republican Florida Sen. Rick Scott’s plan to have all Americans pay income taxes and “sunset” Medicare and Social Security are also “ultra MAGA.”

“Given two-third of the American people, according to a Fox News poll, believe that Roe v. Wade should be protected, if you’re on the other side of that you’re supporting an ultra MAGA position in the president’s view,” Psaki said.

The Fox News poll Psaki was referring to found that, while more than 60% of voters said they supported upholding Roe, about half of respondents supported abortion restrictions which Roe explicitly forbids. It found 54% of voters supported state laws banning abortion at 15 weeks, such as the Mississippi law at the center of the current Supreme Court Case, and 50% of voters supported an even stricter 6-week abortion limit.

“I will tell you it’s the president’s phrase,” Psaki said, referring to “ultra MAGA.” (Read more from “Psaki Tells Americans That if You Don’t Support Roe v. Wade, You’re ‘Ultra MAGA’” HERE)

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