State Court Allows Investigations of Parents Providing ‘Trans’ Treatment to Children

The state Supreme Court in Texas has issued a ruling that protects one family that filed a lawsuit against a state investigation over the parents’ provision of transgender treatments for a child, but has concluded that state officials can resume child abuse investigations of other parents involved in advocating those treatments for their children.

It was Gov. Greg Abbott, through a directive, several months ago ruled that the state should be investigating parents who impose transgender treatments – which sometimes include surgical mutilation of health body parts – for abuse.

The New York Times said Texas’ high court said Friday that “investigations of parents with transgender children for possible child abuse could continue.”

A lower court had halted those reviews.

But, the Times report added, “the court said that officials could not resume the investigation into the plaintiffs that had brought the lawsuit, a family and a doctor, acknowledging that the inquiry would cause ‘irreparable harm.'” (Read more from “State Court Allows Investigations of Parents Providing ‘Trans’ Treatment to Children” HERE)

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