The United States Is Radical On Abortion When Compared To Other Countries

The United States is a major outlier when it comes to how most of the world handles abortion law. . .

If the ability to determine abortion law does return to the states, many legislatures will likely take action to limit the procedure or ban it altogether, but others will broaden its access. However, the United States is currently and will likely remain one of the most radical countries in the world when it comes to abortion. . .

In 2017, a Washington Post report fact-checked the claim that the U.S. is “one of seven countries that ‘allow elective abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy,’” finding the statement to be “surprisingly” true.

The Post pointed to a 2014 report by the pro-life Charlotte Lozier Institute that examined “198 countries, independent states, and semi-autonomous regions” with populations of over 1 million people. The group found that of these areas, 59 permit abortion on demand. The other 139 countries mandate “some reason” to get an abortion.

When compared to the other 58 countries, the U.S. is one of only seven nations that allows “elective abortion” past the 20-week mark. Supreme Court precedent established that states must allow abortion up to the point of fetal viability, which is typically around 24 weeks of pregnancy. (Read more from “The United States Is Radical on Abortion When Compared to Other Countries” HERE)

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